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About Us

Nautical Insurance was established in 1988 when Lombard Insurance, a leading trailer boat insurer, merged their operations to streamline New Zealand boating insurance.

The Nautical concept was to obtain value for money for boat owners. That is wide cover, competitive premiums and prompt claim response times.

Rather than one boat owner dealing with an insurance company and trying to talk boat insurance, we have already done that.

We offer specialist policies available for all New Zealand boating insurance needs:

  • Trailered Vessels – Powerboats & Yachts
  • Permanently Moored Vessels
  • Jet Skis
  • Commercial Vessels – Tourist Passenger Vessels

Nautical, who are now the largest arranger of boat insurance in New Zealand, have a large customer base mainly in the South Island and Wellington area. This sizeable client base enabled Nautical to enter a long standing marketing arrangement with Royal and Sun Alliance, now Vero Insurance, obtaining very favourable premiums, wide policy coverage and when a claim occurs work at the sharp end to arrange salvage and recovery, organise assessors and provide immediate advice as to where to go and what to do.

All Nautical policies have wide assistance, salvage, recovery and loss reduction covers which enable you to immediately get your damaged boat to a repairer or place of safety. All reasonable costs are covered by the policy.

Nautical as well as being a call centre, also operates through the majority of boat dealers in the South Island and Wellington and they have the ability to sell our insurance at point of sale and to also act urgently at the time of an accident organising initial repairs and getting things underway.

Nautical have in excess of forty repair centres around the South Island and they are authorised to salvage and recover any damaged vessel, minimise any loss and to start preliminary repairs immediately. Claims are handled from Christchurch.

Nautical Insurance operates from 62 Riccarton Road, Christchurch.