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Our New Zealand Boating Equipment Range

  • Nautical Polo Shirt

    • Fit average male size.
    • Has Nautical logo in red and blue over left side of shirt.
    • $25.00 including GST
  • Nautical Sport Umbrella

    Nautical Sport Umbrella | Nautical Insurance

    • 75cm radius double ribbed frame.
    • Quality nylon eight panel umbrella.
    • Extra heavy duty.
    • Nautical name and logo on white panel.
    • Available in red and white only.
    • $45.00 including GST
  • Nautical Cap

    • Cotton cap fits all sizes.
    • White or Blue cap.
    • Nautical logo red and blue.
    • $15.00 including GST
  • Security Devices

    Data Dots

    Data Pins | Nautical Insurance

    • Modern pin head barely discernible with the naked eye micro dots.
    • Can be lacquered onto your vessel or outboard.
    • Each dot has your own unique identification number held in a central database.
    • A transfer is available to the new owner when the vessel is sold.
    • If stolen the Police are advised of the ID number and they have a reader scanner and you are reunited with your vessel.
    • A premium discount is available.
    • Please contact us for a quote.
  • Wheel Clamps

    Wheel Clamps | Nautical InsuranceVarious types available:

    • 8” SAS Wheelclamp $265.00
    • 11” SAS Wheelclamp $281.25
    • 16” SAS Wheelclamp $337.50
    • Trojan Sentry $291.50