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Yes, you just have to let us know that you would like to do this. Please check your junk/Spam folder regularly, just in case!

We can, depending on the use. We will need a specialist commercial proposal completed but first, please call the office to discuss.

No. Their policy will have to be cancelled and you will have to complete an application. Insurance policies are not transferrable.

We provide replacement cover for property up to 3 years old. After that it is market value. Items like road covers are generally thought to have a limited lifespan and so if their age will be taken into consideration when calculating any settlement to you. You may be required to contribute an amount on top of your excess.

If you are unsure, we recommend you contact a dealer or speak to the people who service your boat. Boat values can go up or down depending on various factors such as the economy, availability and condition. We do not adjust your sum insured each year but you may instruct us to increase or reduce the sum insured if you have reason to believe it is not insured for the correct amount.


Premiums can be paid monthly however there is an additional surcharge /administration fee. Please call or email us to request a quote.

No, we do not charge a fee to pay by credit card. We wear that cost ourselves.

Your invoice will show our bank account details and the premium can be paid via internet banking. Please ensure you enter our bank account details correctly. You can also call the office during normal office hours to pay by credit card. Please do not send credit card details by email. At present it is not possible to pay premiums via our website, but watch this space!


Yes. We will need to know the make, model, horsepower, serial number and sum insured?

No, the boat is covered anywhere in New Zealand, provided reasonable precautions are taken against loss or damage such as the use of a wheel clamp

If you are already insured with us you automatically have 30 days cover for new purchases so don’t panic. You can call us outside office hours and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, although a higher excess applies while racing and preparing for racing and a higher premium may also be required.

Under certain circumstances yes. However, trailered boats are not designed to be kept in the water 24/7, 365 days per year. As a minimum requirement we will need automatic bilge pumps and storm covers to be fitted and we may have further requirements depending on your circumstances.

Yes, however, if the boat is being transported by a professional carrier, a $2,000 excess applies.

Note the policy is designed to cover the boat and items that would normally be sold with the boat. Lifejackets, spare parts and tools kept on board may be covered. However skis, wetsuits, towables and fishing gear are excluded as such items should be covered under a home contents policy.


Provided Maritime New Zealand law is not breached, this is OK. The premium will be subject to a surcharge if they are under 21. It is your responsibility to ensure that you operate the ski within the parameters of the law.

No. While at its usual storage location it is a requirement that the ski be kept in a locked building. This also means that you should not take the ski out the night before you go away and the ski has to go straight back into the garage when you get home. We agree that when you take the Jet Ski away on holiday and the like, e.g, camping, it is simply not practical to have it kept in a locked building and it is therefore accepted and classified as being ‘in use’. Notwithstanding that we still ask for a good level of security in such cases e.g. Ski locked to the trailer, trailer fitted with a wheel clamp. Theft is by far the greatest risk with Jet Ski’s they are highly targeted and when stolen are very rarely recovered. By restricting our client base to those who have them locked away in a garage or building (other than when in use) has helped keep claims costs (and ultimately premiums) down.


Yes. Cover is however subject to a higher excess. For the sake of clarity, shallow water is deemed to be water that conventional propeller craft cannot navigate in.


We can cover boats leaving or returning to New Zealand under some circumstances. Please call us to see if we can help.

Yes, because changing moorings may mean we have to change your policy terms, or cease cover. Please contact us to discuss.


We do not cover personal effects under these circumstances and you should approach a domestic contents insurer.

This depends on where the mooring is. There are locations that we will not provide cover for. If in doubt, please provide the mooring number and location.


Yes. Please ring the office number and it will be diverted to an out of office phone. If we do not answer leave a message. The phones are checked regularly for messages.

On our homepage, please clink the link to “Make a Claim”.

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