Akaroa Boat Storage Situation

August 27, 2012

Over the August 12th weekend, Canterbury was inundated by a deluge of rain. In many places the whole month’s average rainfall fell in just a few days. One of the worst hit areas was Akaroa, which meant swollen tides and serious danger for boaters. One area that was compromised was an Akaroa boat storage shed with disastrous consequences. With raging waves and heavy swells, one man received a call that his vessel – a Mclay 7.2 metre recreational fishing boat – was in serious trouble.

Luckily, he was a Nautical Insurance customer, and through Nautical’s experience and rapid response abilities, we were able to swing into action immediately. With heavy lifting gear on the scene of the Akaroa boat storage, we were able to lift the stranded rig and return it to safety. This kind of coverage and response could have meant the difference between a damaged or totally destroyed vessel. Freak weather patterns are a natural part of New Zealand maritime conditions, and in these situations timing is critical. Having Nautical Insurance on hand to sort it out is a big relief for boaters when conditions get tough.