No. While at its usual storage location it is a requirement that the ski be kept in a locked building. This also means that you should not take the ski out the night before you go away and the ski has to go straight back into the garage when you get home. We agree that when you take the Jet Ski away on holiday and the like, e.g, camping, it is simply not practical to have it kept in a locked building and it is therefore accepted and classified as being ‘in use’. Notwithstanding that we still ask for a good level of security in such cases e.g. Ski locked to the trailer, trailer fitted with a wheel clamp. Theft is by far the greatest risk with Jet Ski’s they are highly targeted and when stolen are very rarely recovered. By restricting our client base to those who have them locked away in a garage or building (other than when in use) has helped keep claims costs (and ultimately premiums) down.